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Auto-stock Replenishment Systems


Inventory demand forecasting relies on the efficient monitoring of your products' sales history and factoring in other variables e.g. lead times, trends, minimum/maximum stock level among others to forecast sales correctly and ordering goods that arrive in time before they run out of stock at the store. 


With Aralco Retail Systems, you can generate solid information on what is needed at each store location and schedule timely deliveries within the shortest time possible.






Optional “intelligent” stock replenishment system
Sales forecasting and performance projections
Uses actual sales history to forecast needs to ensure stock is available when the customer wants to buy it
System trips order points and sets minimum orders
Numerous user-definable settings, including past sales analysis, supplier lead times, trend over-rides, provides more accurate reordering parameters
Filter supplier range, product groups, stores, multiplier factors, sales factors, reorder points and it allows adjustments on the season or economic climate
Purchase orders/ recommended transfers are created and the user is given the opportunity to override the quantities indicated
Once the Purchase Orders are finalized by the operator, the system prints them by the supplier





Recommended distribution list provided for goods received, with system re-calculating each store’s requirement for the items received
With the recommended transfer option, the system also prints recommended transfer list to ensure ideal distribution






Sales Forecasting and Performance Projections
Stock Balancing provides suggested inventory transfers between stores within a predefined store zone (allowed for sharing inventory) and upon operator approval, the system will automatically create inter-location transfers
This option “optimizes” the inventory levels at each location by identifying slow-moving items at each location then analyzing data from fast-moving items for the same product and recommend transfers. Hence, the optimization makes sure the stock properly balances to avoid lost sales in high performing stores while reducing slow-moving stocks from other stores
Stores' “inventory sharing rules” can be set up, taking geographic proximities into consideration as well as the option to set the “direction” of transfer (one way or two ways) between the stock sharing locations
Multiple warehouses can be set up to also feed inventory to various regional or national stores




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