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Inventory Demand Forecasting and Replenishment Systems - Retail Point of Sale POS Software

Inventory demand forecasting relies on the efficient monitoring of your products' sales history and factoring in other variables e.g. lead times, trends, minimum/maximum stock level among others to forecast sale correctly and ordering goods that arrive in time before they run out of stock at the store. 

With Aralco Retail Systems, you can generate solid information on what is needed at each store location and schedule timely deliveries within the shortest time possible. Our Inventory Demanding Forecasting Solution helps prevent incurring costs associated with carrying large inventories or overstocking at any one time.

Contact us for more information on the following inventory management solutions:

  • Auto Purchase Order for re-stocking
  • Auto Stock Allocation for a new shipment of goods
  • Auto Stock Balancing between retail stores to manage over/under stock, broken size/color



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