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Aralco Retail Systems' Date-Sensitive Promotion eases the execution of your every promotion campaign where you can plan and build promotion campaigns weeks or months ahead or set one up instantly for flash sales today.

Date-sensitive Promotion campaigns are centrally managed in the Aralco Back Office Systems and it enables all promotion data to be pre-distributed to each Aralco POS terminal at the participating stores way before each promotional event takes place.


On the day of the event, promotion prices are automatically triggered by the Aralco Retail POS accurately and, it certainly speeds up each transaction at the POS checkouts.    


easy to set up your promotion plan


Set the promotion name i.e. END OF SEASON - 30% Off

Set promotion period with a date range or with the day of the week and the time period

Set the participating store or group of store





With Aralco's Mass Price Update module, you can select the promotion name created to filter products by categories, brands, seasons, collections, or suppliers to mark down prices globally - you can even set the promotion price rounding rule!


Once the promotion prices are updated, the promotion data is automatically synchronized instantaneously to each POS station at the participating stores. SKUs sold are printed on the sales receipt clearly with applicable promotion name, discount, and regular prices. 






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