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Kit set refers to the assembling of a new product made up of existing SKU/s from the inventory at hand. 


See the following examples where kit sets can be created and assembled for selling inventory in different forms:


Create a gift basket with defined items from existing inventory
Create a new SKU as a pack of 6 units or carton 0f 24 containing the same item
Bottling of shampoo liquid from a drum
Cut products to the desired length to sell for example as a pack of 3 meters
Produce that is sold as whole or half units or quarters i.e. rock melon, cabbage


With kit sets, cashiers process sales transactions faster at the POS, and it captures the correct cost of sales with precise inventory adjustments.


The kitting feature lets you define your finished goods by using your bill of materials, recipes, or existing SKUs from inventory to make up those finished goods. The system will then auto-calculate the cost of your finished goods and suggest a retail price that you can modify and post to your POS system.




When you request the manufacturing of kit sets, the Aralco Back Office System automatically checks the required inventory and makes sure you have all the defined component items/parts/ingredients.

Once a kit set is manufactured, the component inventory is deducted accordingly and the kit set product will have its own stock at hand in the applicable location.




This option is available to set a kit set to auto-reduce inventory items/parts/ingredients, only when sold at the Aralco POS.






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