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Welcome to our blog, IRMCS is the retail POS specialist with 20 years experience in the retail industry.

In this section, we have a collection of posts on retail industries, retail management and point of sale software features, POS hardware and topics relating to IT technologies for retailers.




The gift card is a perfect gift solution for your customers and it is also a great marketing tool for you all year round to add drive new traffic from the gift-givers - your existing customers, whenever they purchase gift cards for their family and friends. 

Aralco Retail Systems has a complete Gift Card module built into the POS with real-time communication with the Back Office Server.

When a gift card is presented by gift recipients at the checkouts, cashiers scan or swipe the gift card and the Aralco POS will communicate with Back Office Server to ensure there is sufficient fund on the gift card.

Information is synced to the Back Office Server to update the data in real-time whenever a new gift card is sold or re-loaded with a fund. This automation ensures 100% accuracy on fund availability on every gift card presented, no matter which store the customer goes to.

The Aralco's Gift Card Systems is easy to use, robust and absolutely does not require any manual administration work in the back office or at the store. 

Zebra PrinterRetailers can improve its efficiency further in each retail store with an in-store Zebra ZXP3 card printer to print gift cards. 

In-store loyalty or member cards can be printed by the same Zebra XPS printer at any Aralco point of sale terminal or workstation. With this integration, the Aralco POS software allows flexible configuration to drive the Zebra card printer, such as:

  • Load graphics images to print on both front and rear of the card
  • Print barcode for customer and gift card ID or encoding it on the magnetic stripe.
  • User-definable layout, terms and conditions, text and font
  • Capture customer's photo with the POS's webcam to print on the card



This wonderful retail solution eliminates outsource of card printing and it prints on a blank card in just 20 seconds on both front and rear of the card including encoding!


Read more about the Gift Card software option from Aralco Retail Systems.




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Tiliter Technology has created a breakthrough product called the Tiliter Vision. With highly successful results across many different environments the Tiliter Vision System is able to detect any fruit or vegetable placed in front of the device and is easily integrated into any Point of Sale (POS) or Self Checkout (SCO) system with further advancement allowing any product put in front of the Tiliter Vision Camera to be identified with extremely high accuracy. 



The Vision system is primarily produced to reduce the need to train retail staff at checkouts and make self serve shopping easy for the consumer. There is no need to sit at the checkout for large amounts of time to identify fruits in your basket, simply sit and scan with no issues. The device can be used with or without bags with no problems and tell the difference between the closest of product varieties, to the point it can tell the difference between Truss, Roma and Gourmet Tomatoes accurately.




Another use of the Vision system is to reduce self serve checkout theft. Gone are the days of expensive items entered at low cost or different products. Supermarkets are set to save billions with the introduction of Tiliters innovative Product Recognition System. A camera stores product information to identify items at the scanner, without the reliance on barcodes, and preventing customers from under-scanning.


Source:Tiliter Technology - a Sydney Tech Start-Up pioneering new technologies using artificial intelligence and data analytic algorithms to automate business processes.






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