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POS Fingerprint Scanning Enhances Security & Speed

Speed up POS processing securely


Aralco Retail Systems has a ready interface for biometric fingerprint scanning options to secure staff daily check-in/out attendance, and all sensitive areas at the POS such as voiding, refund, discounting and etc.


First, you ‘register’ one or more of your fingerprints with Aralco POS to save the required unique information of your fingerprint to create a template so that a fingerprint reader or scanner can later identify you.


POS Fingerprint Scanning


Aralco POS setting has options to disallow bypass of fingerprint for any logon at the pos on any group of store users for example retail associates, supervisors, part-timers and etc.


Read more about fingerprint scanning with Aralco Retail POS to learn how it enhances further security and speed at the point of sale.




Fingerprint Technology


Fingerprint login is simple, fast, and secure. First you "register" one or more of your fingerprints. The system saves enough unique information about your fingerprint to create a template so that a fingerprint reader can later identify you.


Your actual fingerprint is not stored, and your actual fingerprint cannot be reconstructed from the template that is created and stored.





When you want to log on, you touch the fingerprint reader and your fingerprint is compared to the template that was created during the registration process. If there is enough matching information, you are authenticated and logged on.


If there is not enough matching information, the system will not verify you or log you on.





The fingerprint recognition application software does not store a copy of your fingerprint. Instead, it makes a map of 25 to 40 unique features of your fingerprint and then puts it into a data format called a template.


The template can only be interpreted by the biometric engine. If one were to look at the template of a fingerprint, it would not be recognizable, as the information is a set of numbers and is typically encrypted.





Posted Date: Sep 11 2020