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Retail POS Systems

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Grocery Retail POS Systems | Scales & In-counter Barcode Scanners | Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Integrated Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, Aralco Retail Management and POS Software System has a whole list of great tools to help both B2C and B2B grocery businesses.

For the Grocery industry it is imperative that your inventory stays current and accurate, your customers are loyal and you need real-time data visibility for reporting so you can make successful business decisions.

Posted Date: Feb 9 2016

Retail Stocktake Physical Count at the Store POS System

Aralco Retail Management & POS Systems allow you to prepare for stock-taking swiftly and accurately by taking a snapshot of your inventory file of a specific location or store that is used to compare actual physical count against electronic or computer records. 

Posted Date: Jan 25 2016

POS Software System - Feature-rich & Fail-Safe Solution

Aralco POS software system has evolved the last 30 years and today it is packed with powerful features needed by retailers to stay efficient and productive at the point of sale.


One of its key features is the real-time capability to communicate with the main database server automatically with 2-way data interchange over LAN or Internet.


Posted Date: Jan 12 2016

A Pioneer in Technology Solutions for Retail, Aralco POS and Inventory Management Systems Leads Again with Best-in-Class Cloud Options

Aralco is a leader in developing solutions for retailers.. Their POS system not only tracks sales and inventory but also archives, tracks, and analyzes literally thousands of types of data related to products, sales statistics, special orders, locations, customer profiles, staff performance, and inventory movements.

Posted Date: Aug 14 2015

POS Terminal performs best with 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro - Aralco Retail System

At IRMCS, we started shipping 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD  since early 2014 as part of our standard configuration on Aralco POS systems. This version will give you optimal point of sale user experience and high speed perfomance at the point of sale.

Posted Date: Jul 23 2015