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Maintaining POS Printer's Thermal Printhead

Dirt and residue can deposit and build on your Aralco POS receipt printer's print-head over time especially dust and small bits of papers generated from daily paper-roll receipting and auto-cutting.


Without regular cleaning, the residue could become permanent and cause a "barrier" between the print-head and receipts causing reduced print quality.

Posted Date: Jan 23 2023

What's a Cash Deposit Machine

In banking, CDM is short for Cash Deposit Machine and it performs the opposite function to an ATM or Automated Teller Machine; it accepts deposits against a customer's bank account instead of dispensing cash from the same account.


CDMs are freestanding kiosks that may be wall mounted as well and they have a very similar interface and user experience to more recent iterations of the ATM.


The Origin of CDMs


Posted Date: Dec 27 2022

E-commerce & CMS Integration with Aralco Retail Systems

Aralco Retail Systems offers fully integrated E-commerce solutions for B2C and B2B businesses. This includes automatic product and inventory upload via the standard e-commerce API as well as web order import from e-commerce into Aralco’s main inventory Management System.


Using Aralco’s Application Programming Interface (API), retailers can have their existing or new website platform integrated with Aralco’s main SQL database for the development of a custom data bridge.


Posted Date: Sep 29 2022

WhatsApp Appointment System from Wavetec

WhatsApp Appointment is the smartest & simplest online booking & scheduling system from Wavetec - the company that brought you WhatsApp Queuing.

Posted Date: Aug 3 2022

The perfect gift solution

Gift card is the perfect gift solution for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. When customers purchase your store's gift card to give it to a friend or associate, they immediately become promoter of your brand. Gift card recipients are bound to visit your stores resulting in increased sales revenue.


Posted Date: Jun 1 2022