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Apparel POS Software - Essential Inventory Features

Inventory software for the apparel industry must support any style number with attributes for managing clothing sizes, colors and length detail when required. It is equally important that the inventory module allows you to categorize each style or article by brand, season, and collection with the ultimate motive to report sales or sell through by seasons and brands.

Posted Date: Mar 21 2022

Touch: The Future of In-store Retail

Interactive in-store shopping experience through touch technology - the bricks-and-mortar shopping experience is evolving rapidly and changing for the good.

Posted Date: Jan 10 2022

Integrating Queuing System with Digital Signage

Engage customers with product offers, advertisements & real-time queue status on any smart TV in the waiting area.

Posted Date: Dec 11 2021

Buy SIM cards Instantly From Telco Self-service Dispensing Kiosks

A self-service kiosk enabling the feature of SIM card dispensing kiosk to meet the needs of fast-growing telecom companies. This innovative solution empowers telecom consumers to have 24/7 access to a fast and easy purchase of SIM cards; top-up prepaid mobiles.

Posted Date: Oct 23 2021

WhatsApp Appointment System from Wavetec

WhatsApp Appointment is the smartest & simplest online booking & scheduling system from Wavetec - the company that brought you WhatsApp Queuing.

Posted Date: Sep 21 2021