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Buy SIM cards Using Self-service Dispensing Kiosks

Any frequent travelers will
most likely relate to this situation:


It’s late at night and you’re heading towards the airport, thinking about the high roaming charges and the possibility that you won’t be able to catch any signals at all. Before you even begin to call a cab to take you to the hotel, you will find yourself in urgent need of a network connection. Hence, the first step along your way is to get yourself a SIM card.


Posted Date: Sep 23 2021

COVID-19 Occupancy Limit Control Solutions

Governments around the world have imposed social distancing regulations and preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in their communities. It also mandatory to control the number of visitors entering malls, buildiings and event activtities in compliance to the occupancy limit imposed for example the limit of 10 sq m per person of gross floor area.


Posted Date: May 27 2021

Don't Let Your Customers Wait

Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with Wavetec’s enterprise queue management solutions.


Wavetec’s customer experience solutions are based on the Wavesphere Philosophy that aims to ORGANIZE, ENGAGE & MEASURE waiting and disconnected service areas and enhance customer experience at key touchpoints.


Posted Date: Mar 18 2021

Integrating Queuing System with Digital Signage System

Queue Management Systems have been almost synonymous with Digital Signage Systems, usually simple numeric ones to display ticket numbers and guide customers to the point of service.

Organizations are now integrating their queuing systems with multimedia displays to display ticket numbers and guide customers to their designated service counter.


Posted Date: Mar 13 2021

Touch: The Future of In-store Retail

Retailers are looking for ways to facilitate online and offline integration and simplify the deployment and management of in-store technology. This is a great step towards increased sales for bricks-and-mortar stores, as one benefit physical stores will always have over online retailers is the ability for the consumer to see, touch, taste and try things before making a purchase.


Posted Date: Feb 15 2021