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Retail POS Systems

Retail POS & Shopping Mall Interface

In Singapore, Aralco POS software/terminals are implemented across shopping malls - major malls in this country requires mandatory extraction of daily sales data from their tenants' POS systems for computer network transfer to their mall's tenant management server.

IRMCS provides this service irregardless of a simple single POS or multi-lane POS checkouts in each store, and our POS interface can be customized easily for any new malls' requirement.

Posted Date: Jan 23 2018

How to Control Negative Inventory at Each Retail Store

With negative inventory in your computer record, merchandisers will not be able to analyse to plan stock allocation for distribution to their retail stores.

Negative inventory can be controlled only with correct data entries such as goods receiving etc, starting with the back office, warehouse and at every store.


Posted Date: Jan 14 2018

Retail POS Systems -Capability Development Grant (CDG) from SPRING Singapore

Capability Development Grant (CDG) at a Glance - applicable to Singapore market only


Posted Date: Nov 1 2017

POS Secondary 10" Customer Display

The Elo M-Series 1002L Touchscreen Monitor comes with tabletop pole stand and can be used as secondary customer-facing display showing product information and images as goods are being scanned by the cashier. Part of the 10" screen can be segmented to play in-store advertisement video as an upsell tool to engage the customer.

Commercial grade:

Posted Date: Aug 24 2017

Retail POS - Fingerprint Logon


What is Fingerprint Logon?

Posted Date: Aug 12 2017