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Retail POS Systems

Aralco POS and Cashguard Closed Cash Systems In Action

Catch CashGuard Closed Cash System and Aralco Retail POS in action at the newly opened grocery store in Singapore - you will see how the integrated solution simplifies and secures cash handling at the POS checkouts with the automated bank note and coin dispensing. 

Posted Date: Nov 11 2016

Accurate & Fast Stock Data-Capture with Aralco Retail POS Systems

Aralco Retail Systems offer multi-purpose data capturing functions with Cipherlab data collector for ease of stock processing at anytime and anywhere.

Posted Date: May 15 2016

Retail POS | Industry-wide Point of Sale Solutions

Each sector demands its own unique features in the retail and wholesale industries. Since 1982, Aralco has worked with industry leaders from different sectors to offer them a powerful and feature-rich Retail Management and POS solution from back office to each point of sale location.

Posted Date: Mar 22 2016

Grocery Retail POS Systems | Scales & In-counter Barcode Scanners | Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Integrated Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, Aralco Retail Management and POS Software System has a whole list of great tools to help both B2C and B2B grocery businesses.

For the Grocery industry it is imperative that your inventory stays current and accurate, your customers are loyal and you need real-time data visibility for reporting so you can make successful business decisions.

Posted Date: Feb 9 2016

Retail Stocktake Physical Count at the Store POS System

Aralco Retail Management & POS Systems allow you to prepare for stock-taking swiftly and accurately by taking a snapshot of your inventory file of a specific location or store that is used to compare actual physical count against electronic or computer records. 

Posted Date: Jan 25 2016