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Grocery Retail POS Systems | Scales & In-counter Barcode Scanners | Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Integrated Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, Aralco Retail Management and POS Software System has a whole list of great tools to help both B2C and B2B grocery businesses.

For the Grocery industry it is imperative that your inventory stays current and accurate, your customers are loyal and you need real-time data visibility for reporting so you can make successful business decisions.

Real-time across the organization is a key feature with 2-way data synchronization between the Aralco central server and each POS station connected via the Internet. - you will always have current and instant information on your sales, inventory status, customers at each  and every location.


Centralized Inventory, Supplier, Customer & POS Management Systems & Integrated Solutions for Grocery Stores 


  • Instant inventory lookup and tracking in the Back Office and POS to view all stores stock levels, transfers, orders , and min/max quantities for reorder in real-time on one grid
  • User definable weight conversion tables such as Carton of 50 units, Carton of 80 kg, etc
  • Auto purchase order module that forecasts your inventory needs based on sales trends, lead times, and current inventory levels for automatic purchase order preparation and distribution
  • Supports mulitple suppliers per product
  • Supports multiple manufacturer bar code numbers per product
  • Four dimensional grid matrix for products with multiple dimensions such as colour, shelf life,  volume, and type of goods
  • Purchase products in bulk and repackage for sale:
    +Buy almonds in 10 kg bag, sell by the gram, have retail price per 100 g, and have inventory reports in kg 
    +Buy strawberries in carton of 60 packs, have retail price per pack, and have inventory reports in carton or pack


Integrated In-Counter Bioptic Bar Code Scanner/Scale:

Aralco POS has ready interface for In-counter Scanner/scale from Honeywell, Magellan, KiloTech, Caszero, OhausAdventurer.

  • Five-sided, 360-degree scanning increases productivity in high-volume barcode scanning
  • Only bioptic device to offer pre-aligned optical scanning modules and independent scanning planes that maximize uptime and maintain productivity
  • Aggressive scan performance on high density and poor quality barcodes minimizes the need for manual keying
  • Flip-up weigh bar (single or three-sided options) allow your cashiers to accurately weigh oversized produce, reducing shrink loss


Note: In-counter Bioptic Scanner units are available without scale option.


Honeywell Stratos Bioptic Scanner/Scale MS 2400 series :


Integrated Weighing Scale/Bar Code Printer Solutions:

Scale interface for packaging with Weight-Price-Labeling for fruits, vegetables, deli, meat, etc. At the checkout, these labels are scanned and the Aralco POS automatically interprets each product code, weight and unit price instantly.




Regular Shelf Labeling:

  • Generates bar code shelf labels to any laser printers with various format options and customizable


Integrated Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) Systems:

With the in-store Aralco's Electronic Shelf Label Interface, new products, markdown prices, product promotions are transmitted automatically to the local ESL Server which in turn broadcast these data to each electronic tags wirelessly and speedily.

With the complete integration between Aralco POS and In-counter Bioptic Barcode Scanners, Weighing Scale and Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) systems, it seriously maximizes in-store productivity, speed up checkouts and directly improves your customer shopping experience.

Read more about Aralco's ESL Interface and its framework.


Customer Management:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Loyalty Reward Programs 
  • Track customers sales history from the point of their first purchase
  • Sales order management with built-in Accounts Receivable systems
  • Mass price updates for customer and product group markdowns, promotions and quantity discount pricing which can be used for seasonal sales or end of line products


Promotions & Marketing Features:

  • Package products for bundling purposes allows for selling products in gift baskets
  • Quantity Discount Group i.e. Buy-2-get Special Price, Buy-3-get-1 Free, etc
  • Gift card system that allows you to keep all transactional information in-house 
  • Gift certificate system
  • Discount coupon system by % or $ with validation on start and end dates, minimum purchase amount​


Multi-channels & Finance:

  • Ecommerce integration
  • Distribution
  • Built-in Accounts Receivables module
  • General Ledger interface​


Aralco reporting system is comprehensive and fully user-definable with outputs in HTML, Matrix, Graph, Cube, MS Excel, MS Word and PDF formats.

BI Dashboard is available on desktop computer and mobile devices such as Ipad, Andriod, IOS phones, etc.


Aralco Grocery Point of Sale Systems

  • Integrated Debit / Credit system to eliminate double entry errors
  • Touch screens for speed of order entry
  • Monitor the productivity of sales reps in units or dollars sold per hour
  • Up-sell alert messages to products to notify staff when an up-sell opportunity arises or any food allergies are related to a specific product
  • Pole display/ Dual Screen
  • Biometric fingerprint scanning for staff check-in/out, security controls  on POS functions such as refund, discount, voiding, goods exchange, etc
  • Stock taking, receiving and inter-branch stock transfer processing with data collection handy terminals
  • Training mode
  • Bioptic barcode scanner with scale option for fast scanning and weighing loose weight grocery SKUs for automatic transfer of weight value at the point of purchase to Aralco POS Systems for seamless and accurate price calculation. Aralco POS has ready interface for In-counter Scale/Bed Scanners from Honeywell, Magellan, KiloTech, Caszero, OhausAdventurer.
  • User-definable Item Menu for setting up fast buttons for loose weight grocery SKUs (without bar code label) such as bananas, mangoes, etc


POS Item Menu for PLUs is User-Definable


Contact us for more information on Grocery Retail Management & POS Systems, weighing scale and ESL integration from Aralco.

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Posted Date: Feb 9 2016