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Ecommerce Sites Integrated with Aralco's Centralized Inventory

There are many of Aralco's clients who have embarked onto integrating their website and ecommerce, streamlining their business operations since 2015, with Aralco's main retail channel's inventory database.

Today. this trend continues and has become even more important for businesses in order for them to respond quickly to their customers with real-time information - the integration provides automatic real-time synchronization of product information and images, customers and web orders between Aralco's central database and the ecommerce sites. This eliminates manual tasks entirely with only one single point of data entries at the Aralco's central database and you are able to process everything seamlessly from customers' orders to fulfillment.

Ecommerce or the virtual store is simply treated as another store location in Aralco, just like any physical store - this makes fast yet simple accounting reconciliation and consolidation of business channels. 











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Posted Date: Aug 16 2017