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Many retailers still treat the in-store experience as completely separate from the online experience which frustrates customers. This prevents retailers from capitalizing on opportunities for cross-selling, upsell and improved customer loyalty. Running business channels with separate software systems results in poor productivity and low accessibility to information.

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Planet Retail has released a global study in 2016 on new store concepts and experiences in grocery and convenience stores. Below, you find the key findings and ideas on how you can make your store more cutting edge.


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Retail Management and POS Systems from Aralco is a comprehensive and fail-safe business software solution, and have been helping single and chain store retailers stay ahead of unceasing business demands since 1982.

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ELO POS Touchscreen Cleaning and Maintenance


Any standard glass cleaner can be used to clean the touchscreen connected to Aralco Retail POS terminals, but avoid products containing ammonia.

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