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How to Become a "Real-Time Retailer"

Smart technology investments are key to achieving a competitive advantage while mitigating risk. 

Advances in technology offer retailers unprecedented opportunities to achieve operational advantages, and these opportunities are emerging across all aspects of retail operations, from engagement with the customer to optimize inventory management and fulfillment.

But to capitalize on those opportunities, retailers must make thoughtful investments in both back-end and in-store infrastructures — essential enablers of next-generation retail operations.




Network infrastructure is a prime example. Robust in-store wireless networks are essential for enabling operations such as optimized mobile and social engagement with customers and the granular capture of radio frequency ID (RFID) tag activity. Robust enterprise networks are essential for gathering Big Data, subjecting that data to intensive analytic processing and pushing results out to both employees and customers. Indeed, investments in network infrastructure are essential for next-generation retailing.

“You can’t be a real-time retailer if you don’t have a real-time network,” says Ken Morris, principal at Boston Retail Partners. “Just as networks transformed banking by enabling ATMs, networks transform retailing by enabling centralized operations and use of the cloud.”

Tory Burch, a global clothing retailer, offers a prime example of this principle in action. Its sales associates provide customers with a highly personalized shopping experience using a mobile application that runs on company-issued iPad devices. These devices allow staff to see customers’ web sales histories and wish lists — while also performing tasks such as emailing customers and checking inventories. The iPads also function as mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems by communicating with the store’s primary register.


Source: Lenny Liebmann, author of this article.



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Posted Date: Sep 20 2017