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Aralco POS and Cashguard Closed Cash Systems In Action

Catch CashGuard Closed Cash System and Aralco Retail POS in action at the newly opened grocery store in Singapore - you will see how the integrated solution simplifies and secures cash handling at the POS checkouts with the automated bank note and coin dispensing. 

The routine manual counting of float monies and cash taking at end of each shift or day is a thing of the past as this is now fully automated in the reconciliation by the system.  



With CashGuard Closed Cash System, it is noticeable that cash payments at the POS are processed faster and accurately eliminating short or over change to customers. Certainly it gives you the highest efficiency and security than traditional cash handling, and brings a better shopping experience for your customers. 


Introduction to CashGuard from StrongPoint:




View more retaliers using CashGuard Closed Cash Systems:






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Posted Date: Nov 11 2016