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Sales Order Management

Besides regular transactions, such as sales, refunds, or goods exchange, the Aralco POS module comes standard with an order processing option so that cashiers can issue sales orders immediately to customers in the store or by phone for products or services to be delivered or picked up later.


Sales orders issued are not sales transactions yet so any deposit or full payments received are recorded in Aralco as an advance payment - orders are turned into sales invoices only upon shipment of all items or upon services rendered to the customer.





Cashiers simply use the Aralco POS to place customers' orders, and due dates are recorded - the system allows partial pickup, part payments, and deposits at any location.


Retail staff can retrieve orders easily at the POS for viewing or adjustments or to seamlessly convert the order to sales receipt accurately whenever ordered goods are picked up, and paid fully by customers.


The sales order and the final invoice can be printed out on a 40-column receipt or A4-size document.



Aralco POS reduces your administrative processes significantly - simply generates pick lists with bin locations, volume weight, and customer shipping documents directly from the POS module or Aralco Reporting Engine, thereby eliminating any data re-entry or manual process. As a result, sales orders are fulfilled on time with automatic billing.


If you have an in-house charge account for your in-store customers, corporate or wholesale customers, you are able to process billing with real-time information at the POS on the credit limit, account status and balance, purchase history look-up.




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