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Aralco Retail Systems is the most complete software solution meeting every demand of retailing for clothing, footwear, lingerie and, bag businesses to automate everything from the back office to the POS.


Aralco Back Office Software (BOS) offers real-time data processing so that retailers can respond immediately with the current information to stores' performances, inventory status, customers, competitions, and everything else.





Aralco POS offers the feature-rich Point Of Sale (POS) solutions, yet fail-safe where it continues to operate during network or Internet outages, assuring you your customers never have to wait.


The complete suite of modules available in Aralco POS for clothing and footwear markets is unparalleled giving employees all the tools at the POS stations to deliver the best customer experience with great accuracy and speed!



Sporting Goods Equipment Retail POS Systems


Friendly UI - anyone can learn to use it in minutes

Ease of use with touchscreen option 

Multiple shifts per POS

Multiple salesperson per transaction


Order and delivery management

Fast product and customer search options

Gift Receipt with selection option

Hold and retrieve transactions


Flexible promotion features

Secure goods exchanges and return

Alert messages

20 payment types - support split payments


Access to stock transfer, stock receiving, stock count processing

Access to back-office reporting on sales and stock performances



Read more about the feature-rich Aralco POS.






Clothing and footwear stores can have a high turnover of inventory in different sizes, colors per style, keeping up with the latest trend as well as monitoring seasonal products. Hence it is important that you have accurate POS, appropriate inventory software, and reliable reporting systems. 


Thanks to Aralco's Inventory module built with brilliant and versatile features for the apparel and footwear industry to handle products with variable sizes, colors, length, etc, and to provide category options to track brands, collections, seasons, and sell-through with season aging requirements.


With Aralco, it streamlines operations from the purchase order, defining kit sets, transfers, stocktake, adjustments, and etc. to selling products at the POS, resulting in high efficiency across the organization.








User Definable Customer Demographics CRM


Aralco CRM is an extremely comprehensive module and interacts with all other parts of the back office and POS systems. 


With customer-centric features, the customer module has plenty of tools to capture customer data and help you manage customers efficiently in one place.


Optimize the use of Aralco with multiple loyalty reward plans to attract customers and to drives up repeat visits to your stores.

Shoe store loyalty reward card program - Aralco retail POS











E-commerce API
For Centralized Inventory
and customer Management


With recent trends, it is even more crucial now to have a central system integrating inventory for both the physical and online stores. Aralco POS for apparel has an E-commerce API so that you can have real-time and seamless solutions for all your sales channels - read more.








Aralco Reporting Engine comes standard with 150 standard reports which are user-definable and you can create new reports easily on your own without any programmers.

Reports such as Sell Through and Stock Aging by seasons are available, and you can simply create a new report or chart in a few minutes or a click away to convert any report to Excel or PDF documents.




Explore the power of Aralco Reporting Systems.


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