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Stereo Electronics



For a few years, Stereo Electronics had been using real-time accounting-based POS/server systems and had many limitations for in-store retail operations and retail business analysis. 


The main critical issue was whenever there is a disconnection to the Internet, all their POS systems ceased to function - without the server. With plans for expansion, Stereo Electronics needed to overcome these problems. They began sourcing for real-time yet fail-safe business solutions meant for retailers.


Britannia Mine Museum





This is a great system for Point of Sale purchases. Products can be put through the system with ease.


- Michelle, Britannia Mine Museum


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Toy Jungle




 Finally, a system that does what it says it is going to do! Aralco Retail System is very easy to use, but some parts require a certain competency.


Cosset Inc.




After years of posting and maintaining transactions, inventory, and customer records on MS Excel spreadsheets, these manual tasks can no longer cope with their transaction volume as the business grows. 

In mid-2014, Cosset Inc. went through an evaluation period to source for suitable POS software for their distribution business.

Coast Paint




With six stores operating as separate limited companies, The Coast Group/Benjamin Moore Paint needs a sophisticated Industrial POS Software system to maximize profitability, ensure customer satisfaction, and keep inventory between stores straight. Before coming to Aralco, The Coast Group had used another POS software system but found that it was simply too limited.