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Korean Mart Ltd



29th October 2015

To Whom It May Concern

It is my great pleasure to advise that Aralco has been handling our accounts in Bangladesh for the past decade and have proven to be extremely knowledgeable in the field of inventory management and POS systems.

Obsessions Gift Shops



Obsession Gifts Shops was founded by Alex Barker and Mark Kenna after arriving in Canada from England in 1998 with a vision and a dream.  In February of 1998, they started with a small kiosk at Pacific Centre Mall in downtown Vancouver selling unique gift products like funky watches, metal artwork, and men’s accessories. 


Within 3 months they opened two more kiosks and by June of that year, they opened their first full-fledged store on Denman Street.  Fast forward to 2006 and you’ll find them with four stores scattered around Downtown Vancouver.

Wood Floors By JBW




Wood Floors By JBW has recently implemented the Aralco POS software and BOS modules in July 2014, and we were up and running with a production system in 4 weeks from the date we signed our contract. We had no Point of Sale system whatsoever to replace so our starting point was literally ground zero. The Aralco project management team helped us every step of the way providing us with everything from data cleansing to report creation to in-store training.

Walk With Ronsons




Two decades ago, Walk with Ronsons was consumed with the challenge of growing from one store to two. It was at this critical juncture that they hooked up with Aralco; there was no question that the company needed help coping with the new challenges associated with rapid business growth.


Now with a dozen stores, the shoe retailer is more reliant than ever on Aralco's technology. In fact, Walk with Ronsons has built its business around Aralco POS and retail inventory management software systems.