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Coast Paint




With six stores operating as separate limited companies, The Coast Group/Benjamin Moore Paint needs a sophisticated Industrial POS Software system to maximize profitability, ensure customer satisfaction, and keep inventory between stores straight. Before coming to Aralco, The Coast Group had used another POS software system but found that it was simply too limited.


Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware




 We offer a very wide selection of products from all over the world. Our customers' projects can stretch over a long period of time. This means complicated sales orders. Aralco covers all that.


It is a powerful program written over a long time by different programmers and the support team is very helpful, friendly, and quick to respond.


Cafe Calva




For almost a decade, Cafe Calva by Connectrust Pte Ltd has had been a successful online retailer of spirits, liqueurs, wines, and accessories of wines.


They sought to grow business further with a strategy to be visible in major shopping malls to offers its products and services, at the same time create brand awareness among mall shoppers.


Barkers Park




With two weeks left for their highly publicized opening, Barkers Park was faced with a dilemma - their new POS systems could not deliver what was promised halfway during implementation. Barkers Park had to find the right replacement system immediately.


Barkers Park contacted IRMCS and spent enormous energy to focus on evaluating Aralco Retail Systems within the next 48 hours.


The Result:







The Management Team at DOT selected IRMCS to implement Aralco Retail Management and POS Software Systems at all their retail stores to overcome inadequate inventory control and increase their operational efficiency from the back office to storefront with our real-time solutions.