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Seven Seas Fish Co. Ltd

Established in 1967, Seven Seas Fish Co. Ltd is all about great seafood, sustainably sourced for Food Services, Retail & Wholesale markets.

BC Compassion Club Society

The BCCCS, established in 1997, is the oldest and largest medical cannabis dispensary in Canada, and the longest continuously-running dispensary in the Americas. Located in Vancouver, in the Coast Salish Territories of BC.

It also operates the Wellness…

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Supplies & Purchasing is a department of the Territorial Headquarters for Canada & Bermuda.

Visit http://store.salvationarmy.ca/index.php?main_page=specials

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TJ'S The Kiddies Store

J's the Kiddies Store is dedicated to providing families with high-quality infant and toddler products at affordable prices. Over thirty years ago, TJ's the Kiddies Store Ltd started as a small shop, buying and selling second-hand children's and baby…

Mook Fabric

Originally called Star Meat and Grocery in the mid-1940s, then Mook & Sons in the early ’70s, Mook Holdings Ltd in the ’80s, and finally known as Mook Fabrics since the late 1990s. From the Star Meat and Grocery days up until the ’80s, they operated…