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It is an extremely difficult task and inefficient as well to manage physical and online stores with two separate system platforms - Aralco Retail Management Systems closes this gap with its capability to integrate your CMS/E-commerce where it shares the main Aralco's main retail database with your website for sychronization of information on web-designated products, gift cards, inventory on-hand status, customers' loyalty points, web orders to order tracking. 

Inventory adjustments, stock picking for order fufillment and billing are entirely managed by the Aralco Retail Management Systems.

Our project teams are able to design and build functional CMS/websites in accordance to your corporate requirement, provide integration to any payment gateways securely authorizes payments for your E-commerce such as Paypal, Stripe, Wirecard, OneCash, etc; or provide the option to integrate Aralco Retail Systems to your existing website/E-commerce.

When required, data synchronization of each web order can be instantly communicated between the website and your logistic provider's server seamlessly to simplify courier's collection by locations for consolidation and shipping to your online customers. 

E-comnmerce or the virtual store is simply treated as another store location in Aralco, just like any physical store, thus making your accounting reconciliation and consolidation of any reports fast and easy across business channels. 


Check out some of recent E-commerce projects integrated successfully with Aralco Retail Systems:

Audain Art Museum

DOT Lifestyle Concept Store 

Little Farms Gourmet Grocery Chain Store 

West Coast Kids


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Whether you are an on-line store retailer, in-store retailer or distributors, or any of these combinations, IRMCS has the complete Ecommerce solutions for any businesses. The Aralco Retail Base Module Management software has the capability to integrate with your CMS/Ecommerce seamlessly.


Aralco Built-in Ecommerce Solutions

Aralco's own built-in solution operates with direct connection to the main retail database for fast, accurate, low maintenance ecommerce operation.

Here are some of this system's highlights:


  • Directly interfaces with the Aralco Back Office & POS
  • Instant view of new/ modified "web" designated products on the shopping site
  • Instant upload & view of product pictures, descriptions and web prices on the shopping site
  • Integrated Shipping, Payment, Invoice
  • Automatically import web customers to Aralco master database
  • Automatically import web orders to Aralco POS Order Entry System, within seconds
  • Automatically generated web order reports can be viewed and/or emailed to the warehouse logistics staff so they can expedite the web orders and use the Aralco POS to ship the orders to customers anywhere in the world.
  • Automatically adjusts product inventory levels and optionally display "Available" quantities by location
  • Map display of store location that show available inventory by location to web shoppers
  • Aralco offers customizable solutions with this option




Optional Features:


  • Gift Cards (Sales & Usage as method of payment) fully integrated to the Brick & Mortar system where you can buy gift cards in stores or online and use them in stores or online
  • Upcoming: Frequent Shoppers Reward/Points System that rewards point to online shoppers based on back office settings that are also used for regular stores. Customer can view their Point Status, earn points and use points as a method of payment for on line purchases
  • Upcoming: Payments on Account can be made by "Account" customers with available credit setup up on the back office systems applied to in-store and online customers. Customer can view their account status and make payments online by invoice or toward accounts balance 


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Interface to Third Party's Ecommerce


This option is offered by Aralco through our Universal Data Interchange (UDI). With this solution, clients can utilize third party shopping cart applications and have their developers interface with Aralco's UDI data base.

When you create a product in the Aralco back office system, the information is written into the UDI database which can reside on the same server or external to the brick and mortar database.

Web Orders are also automatically imported from UDI into the main database for viewing and shipping through the Aralco POS. The information in the UDI database can be limited to what the ecommerce site requires such as product information, web-orders, web customers etc.


Here are some of the services Aralco offers for interface to a third party ecommerce system:

  • Aralco can offer technical assistance to your ecommerce developers
  • UDI database only holds information for ecommerce use so it can reside anywhere
  • Web designated product information is passed on to third party shopping cart through UDI
  • Automatically import web orders and customers to Aralco's main database 
  • Automatically exports web orders to Aralco POS Order Entry system
  • Automatically generated web order reports can be viewed and/or emailed to the warehouse logistics staff so they can expedite the web orders and use the Aralco POS to ship the orders to customers anywhere in the world.
  • Automatically adjusts product information including, inventory levels, product pictures, descriptions and prices


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