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Stay current with what is happening at IRMCS with our news section as our team keep you in the loop with the latest technologies and trends in retail business management and POS solutions.

In this section, you will find press releases, updates about IRMCS, news from Aralco Retail Systems and our premium industry partners.



6th November 2016 - Aralco Retail System announces the completion of its development of the BI Dashboard systems. Aralco's BI Dashboard reads data directly from the central SQL database, simply touch or click a button to refresh it with the latest information.

The Dashboard features a multitude of filters for graphic and/or numeric results of your... Read More

21 September 2016 - IRMCS is pleased to announce that Aralco Retail System will be completing its integration with Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) Systems, and ready for roll-out  in early October 2016.

Product information such as MSRP prices, description, categories, bar code number sets, promotion names and prices, etc are uploaded to the the ESL... Read More