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Stay current with what is happening at IRMCS with our news section as our team keep you in the loop with the latest technologies and trends in retail business management and POS solutions.

In this section, you will find press releases, updates about IRMCS, news from Aralco Retail Systems and our premium industry partners.



18th September 2017 - IRMCS is pleased to announce our joint marketing effort with StrongPoint Asia recently to produce our first video on The Complete Grocery Retail Solutions. It features Aralco Retail POS's full integration with CashGuard Cash Management Systems and all essential POS options for grocery as well as for other retail businesses, developed by Aralco Retail... Read More

24th August 2017 - Aralco announces completion of new payment interfaces for TD (Canada) and Global Payments/OpenEdge (Canada/USA). These are in additional to other existing payment interface options available with the Aralco POS Systems.

Payment automation for credit and debit cards at the POS reduces reduces errors and eliminates double entry,... Read More