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POS Biometric System - Fingerprint Scanning


Aralco POS offers an optional interface for biometric fingerprint scanning - first, you ‘register’ one or more of your fingerprints with Aralco POS to save the required unique information of your fingerprint to create a template so that a fingerprint reader can later identify you.


Actual fingerprint registered or scanned is not stored, and cannot be reconstructed from the template that is created in the POS database therefore employees need not worry about fingerprint theft.

When you want to log on to the Aralco POS, you touch the fingerprint reader and your fingerprint is compared to the template that was created during the registration process. If there is enough matching information, you are authenticated and logged on. Otherwise, the Aralco POS system will not verify you or log you on.







Fingerprint readers are becoming a modern form of “Enter” key for confirming all actions at each POS station. Employees know that they will be credited properly with each sale, and cannot claim they were absent in the event of discrepancies.


Biometric fingerprint scanning:

  • Prevents unauthorized discounts, refunds, goods exchanges, price overrides, opening of cash drawer, etc
  • Prevents unauthorized management overrides
  • Reduces password and swipecard administration
  • Speeds up transaction time 



Fingerprints are non-transferrable hence it also eliminates the sharing of passwords among store employees or the ‘clocking in’ of attendance on behalf of co-workers. 





When an employee leaves your company, their fingerprints can quickly be removed from the Aralco Retail POS Systems, preventing unauthorized access to the POS.




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