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Traffic Counter Integrated with Retail POS Systems

Aralco Retail POS terminal has the interface option to wirelessly connect to the traffic counter devices mounted on the store entrance. The POS receives the people count signal via radio frequency receiver, and its End of Day Report generates walk-ins count versus actual transaction numbers.


These count data are also sent electronically in real-time via the POS to the Aralco central database server for detailed analysis by store or store group.




Wireless hardware
Records number of store visits
Various sales performance reports by Store, Staff, Customer visit, items sold per transaction, $ values per category etc.
Closing Ratio reports
Store sales performance and staff attended the sales sessions



Real-Time, clear view into how many people walked into your store(s) and how many actually bought your merchandise. Several reports are available to show your store activities by:


  • Reporting on Traffic and Conversion RateLocation
  • Date
  • Hour
  • Months
  • Seasons
  • Years
  • Any given date range
  • Totals