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POS User Groups


Point of Sales security is role-based by POS user groups and you are able to user-define the access rights for each group on certain or any POS functions, wherever applicable.


With Aralco Retail Systems, the POS security setting is maintained in the Back Office Systems (BOS) and automatically gets synced to each POS via the Internet, whenever there are additions or changes.



pos user groups and Access rights



POS administrator  

Store managers

Accounts department

IT department

Retail associates

Store supervisors












Only authorized users are able to access restricted functions of the Aralco POS such as discount, refund, voiding and etc. with their login ID and password or via fingerprint scanning.  


The password of employee and their access level can be periodically changed at any Aralco BOS workstations, as and when required by the systems administrator.



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