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Closed Cash Management & Aralco POS Systems - Interface Ready.

Aralco Retail Systems has created an interface that integrates with the Closed Cash System from StrongPoint. The Aralco Retail System interface can certainly change the way CASH is handled in-store and at checkouts – retailers can now eliminate handling cash manually and start managing cash.

The Closed Cash Management solution displaces manual cash handling with conventional POS cash drawers. In other words, there is no more need to count notes and coins, organize floats, or reconcile the till on cash floats, cash taking, and deposits at the end of each shift.



All transactions are calculated and administered by the system quickly and securely – taking away all the hassles from your back office and checkouts.

Even the emptying of the till is carried out without exposing the cash and all operations, balances, note, and coin levels, etc. are monitored and reported by the back office system either in-store or remotely.



This is how it works when customers make a cash payment at the Aralco POS terminal:

1. The cashier inserts banknotes and coins if any into the Note/coin Recyclers.

2. Aralco POS software receives data from both Recyclers (via USB or RS232C port) as cash is inserted.

3. When ready, the cashier simply clicks the ACCEPT button on the POS payment screen to trigger dispensing of any change for the transaction by the CashGuard system.

4. The cashier hands over the change in note(s) or coins to the customer together with the POS sales receipt.


The Aralco POS Interface for CashGuard Closed Cash Systems has the following benefits over conventional cash drawers:


  • no longer need to count notes and coins tendered by customers
  • no longer need to manually place tendered notes and coins into the respective compartments of the cash drawer
  • no longer need to pick, count change from the cash drawer for a return to the customer
  • no longer have access to an opened cash drawer


Aralco Retail Systems and CashGuard Closed Cash Systems work together seamlessly to provide improved productivity, speed, accuracy on cash payments, eliminate errors and pilfering risks, and to directly enhance your customers’ overall shopping experience.











The note recycler ensures secure storage, correct change to customers, and optimized levels for all denominations.

It is also tamper-proof and can only be opened by authorized staff. The note recycler comes with either four or five cassettes to accommodate a varying number of denominations. It can also be equipped with ink protection technology for extra security.


Technical Specifications

  • Storage Technology: 4-5 note cassettes depending on the model
  • Note Capacity: 800-1 000 notes depending on the model
  • Recycling: All notes are recyclable
  • Deposit: Up to 2 notes per second
  • Dispense: 2-4 notes per second
  • Currencies: All major currencies
  • Measurements: Varying, depending on the model
  • Weight: 65-297 kg, depending on the model
  • All Note Recyclers have compatible Note Collectors
  • Ink dyeing option: Yes






This coin recycler is tamper-proof, compact, and built to achieve problem-free up-time and 24/7-operations.

It features serial coin feeding and counts and tracks the coins automatically. The information is then transferred to the back-office software. An electronic lock, that tracks and records any opening, protects the money. That creates a safe and accurate coin management experience for customers, staff, and management.


Technical Specifications

  • Number of Denominations: Up to 8 denominations
  • Coin Capacity: 300-550 depending on denomination and currency
  • Recycling: All coins are recyclable
  • Feeding: Up to 1.7 coins per second
  • Dispense: 5-8 coins per second, depending on the denomination
  • Currencies: Major currencies
  • Display: Integrated Customer Display
  • Width: 320 mm
  • Height: 520-585 mm depending on the model
  • Depth: 297-311 mm depending on the model
  • Weight: 25-26 kg depending on model (excluding coins)




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