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Heathcare QMS - Pharmacy Queue Management System



Improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction


Most people go to a pharmacy after a visit to the clinic. Queues at retail pharmacies are ubiquitous and cause long waiting times and queues at the store that raise frustration. Nonetheless, waiting to be served at the pharmacy is an inescapable part of our lives.


Long waiting times lead to low service quality and directly affect a pharmacy’s operational efficiency. Wavetec’s customer flow management systems have the flexibility and capability to transform service experiences and increase operational efficiency of a pharmacy by streamlining patient flow from an initial entry point to check out.




Streamline the Customer Experience



Waiting Time transformed
into Sales Time
Calm and transparent,
first come, first serve process
customer flow
Improved operational
and process efficiency
Integration with mobile app,
loyalty programme and appointment system
Reduction in perceived
and actual waiting times





Reshaping Customer Journey at Pharmacies


In order to bring down incessantly long waiting times at pharmacies, Wavetec’s Pharmacy Solutions have the ability to reshape customer journey and bring some order at pharmacy service areas by organizing the customer process.



Suitable For 
Large pharmacies with huge customer flow - Pharmacies with different counters for different services - Multiple phase customer transactions.




Suitable For 
Small and medium sized retail pharmacies - Pharmacies that sell medicines only - Simple, one phase transactions - Pharmacies with limited or few counters





Value Added Features



From check-in to calling and appointment management, all integration facilities are optimized using
Wavetec’s customer flow management system.




Integration with Mobile App


Pharmacy queuing systems can be seamlessly integrated with mobile app to eliminate steps needed to check-out,
reduce waiting times and allow customers the convenience to:


Take a queue ticket online
Check nearest pharmacy branch
Place an online order for prescription
Scan QR code on receipt and check if order is ready for pickup





Integration with Pharmacy Loyalty Programs


In order to create loyal customers and encourage customers to purchase from them, pharmacies are introducing loyalty programs with discount points.


Customers obtain discount points on a certain amount of purchases.
Customers enter loyalty card number on self-service kiosk and get priority tickets.




Integration with Online Appointment System


Wavetec offers cloud-based queue management systems that can be easily integrated with appointment management systems. Customers can take appointments via web to visit the nutritionist, get their blood pressure checked etc.





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