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Retail Systems for Camera, Watch, Appliances Stores





Aralco Retail and Point of Sales (POS) Systems has been developed extensively for for electronic goods, watches or any appliances businesses. It manages and simplifies everything for you so that your employees can have more time to focus on your customers and the essential tools to help you grow your business.



  • Electronic component serial number tracking  
  • Inventory tracking & lookup by serial number in real-time giving current stock at hand information always
  • Full or random stock taking with portable data collectors, standard barcode scanners at the POS or BOS workstation


 Inventory Look-Up with Serial Number Management       


  • Trade-in options  
  • Customer management system (CRM) with purchase history
  • Customer special orders entry and tracking
  • Email Broadcasting Tools (EDM)

  • Package discounting  
  • Package sales setup  
  • Offered price (before or after tax) automatic discount calculation  
  • Conditional Promotion - NEW!, read more
  • Optional Gross Profit % calculation at POS at the time of price negotiation  

  • Credit notes  
  • Gift certificates 
  • Gift card 
  • Frequent Shoppers Points Rewards Plan  
  • Job detail and tracking ( for photo-finishing or warranty repairs )  
  • Product image and audio for training staff
  • Finance management
  • Real time data synchronization between central database and each point of sale (POS) terminal
  • Built-in CMS/Ecommerce solutions



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