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Shelf-service Remittance Kiosks


Fast and Easy Funds Transfer On the Go


A simple and innovative self-service kiosk to help your customers remit money abroad and back home. Self-service remittance kiosks have the advantages of speed, convenience, and 24/7 availability to send money back home to loved ones. 

These kiosks remove the need for customers to stand in line or wait for assistance. Customers just enter their bank cards' information, insert beneficiary details and successfully transfer money back home.



Our Key Product Features


service availability
customer interface
Consistent payment solution
& enhanced retail experience
Enables secure and
speedy transactions







Shelf-service Remittance KiosksINNOVATIVE SELF-SERVICE KIOSK TO


Reinvent the self-service experience with Wavetec's Remittance Kiosk to enable on-demand access to a money transfer mechanism that enhances every customer's experience.

With robust. compact, easy to install design, and an easy-to-use customer interface, the Remittance Kiosk streamlines customer flow and makes the process of money transfer flexible and simple, saving time and minimizing queues at your branches.


connection through a secured internet link to aggregator server

friendly LCD touch screen

Multi-lingual support


Wavetec provided and the bank's hosted server connected to the bank's MW

PCI approved chip and magnetic card reader with ENV approved level 1 and 2 certifications, PCI 3.0 approved PED (pinpad)













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