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Specialty Store

Favor International


Favor International came to IRMCS for a software solution to replace their existing accounting POS software which has inadequate inventory control and limitations.

For the business to grow further without restriction, Favor also needed to improve their operational efficiency with one software platform for their wholesale, online store and the retail department.

CF Interiors

" CF Interiors brought me into the company during a transition period to help implement and develop Aralco to work with their systems. Their previous system lacked the report capabilities and flexibilities needed for CF Interiors to continue growing. Since I started working and learning about Aralco I have found the system incredibly flexible.


The business nature of pop-up store concept requires robustness and mobility in the POS systems for reliable yet fast-speed sales processing and light deployment whenever on the go.

Aralco POS was selected by Link's management team for these reasons, including its capability to have real-time data communication between their HQ server and each mobile POS.

Farm'N Pantry

In early May 2017, Farm'N Pantry opened its first grocery store at Tanjong Pagar Center in Singapore with Aralco Retail POS Systems, connected to the Back Office Server in real-time via the Internet with VPN secured connections hosted by IRMCS.


Integrated Closed Cash Management

Farm Fresh Foods

In the third week of May 2017, Aralco Systems was selected by the Management of Farm Fresh Foods as it provided a rapidly deployable​ grocery retail solutions. The Management embraces productivity, efficiency and accuracy which are the hallmarks of Aralco with the optimization of inventory controls, operational ease and speed at the point of sales and real time reporting from the POS to the​ Back Office System.