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Specialty Store

Victoria - Moe's Home Furnishing




“Aralco is an easy software system to learn and to implement. Having looked at many systems, they were missing some components in each one, but Aralco is an all-in-one software system – which is very important in the furniture business.

Coquitlam - Moe’s Home Collection




“Our journey of looking for the right software system to use required a lot of searching – until we found Aralco. Aralco is user-friendly and easy to implement – an important factor to have when you want to streamline your furniture business.

This software is functionality-friendly, from Inventory Tracking, Inventory Lookup, Adjusting Pricing to Customizing Special Orders and much more.

Reflex Supplements



With over 20 stores and counting, having a software system with the functionality for multi-store and multi-location is an asset to streamline our business.

From our head office in Vancouver, we are able to adjust pricing within each region accordingly and have the ability to oversee analytics such as daily, weekly and monthly sales.

Federal Automotive

Our Problem
In 2013, Federal Automotive needed a resolute and adaptable POS, retail management and warehouse management systems. We had a pretty good idea of the features we wanted but also knew we could not possibly predict what we would need over-time as we went about our business given evolving and ever changing market and trade demands.

Favor International


Favor International came to IRMCS for a software solution to replace their existing accounting POS software which has inadequate inventory control and limitations.

For the business to grow further without restriction, Favor also needed to improve its operational efficiency with one software platform for its wholesale, online store, and the retail department.