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CF Interiors

" CF Interiors brought me into the company during a transition period to help implement and develop Aralco to work with their systems. Their previous system lacked the report capabilities and flexibilities needed for CF Interiors to continue growing. Since I started working and learning about Aralco I have found the system incredibly flexible.

Wood Floors By JBW


Wood Floors By JBW has recently implemented the Aralco POS software and BOS modules in July 2014, and we were up and running with a production system in 4 weeks from the date we signed our contract. We had no Point of Sale system whatsoever to replace so our starting point was literally ground zero. The Aralco project management team helped us every step of the way providing us with everything from data cleansing to report creation to in-store training.

Moe's Home Collection

Moe Samieian has been in the home beautification market for over 20 years! While searching the world for beautiful area rugs, he was struck by how many other beautiful pieces of furniture and home accessories he would come across. So, instead of just decorating floors he decided to take on whole rooms! This was how Moe’s Home Collection Stores were born.

MJM Furniture Showcase

In the fall of 2000, MJM Furniture Showcase had two stores and had only their accounting systems automated. With aggressive plans for future growth and the knowledge that managing their inventory would be key to their success they began to search for the best software package available to fit their needs.

High on their list of priorities was a solid Point of Sale program and real-time inventory control.