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When you're in the sports business, you better be able to react to anything. That's what Whistler Village Sports has learned after 20 years in the business.

First uncontrollable variable: weather. Are skiers flocking to the store in a frenzy to get on the mountain, or are poor conditions keeping them away? Second variable: competition. When Whistler Village Sports started, it was one of two sports stores in Whistler - now there are about 35. Third variable: Anything else that is happening in the world.

Little Red Dot

The Management at Little Red Dot selected Aralco Retail Management & POS Systems in March 2014 to provide a robust point of sale solution to enable real-time information on sales performance, inventory level down to colors and sizes of each SKU and customers' purchase history.

Glam & Fame

Glam & Fame - Testimonial

" We started using aralco around 8 years ago.  Our previous POS software was cumbersome and not user friendly.  It did not have accurate inventory control and many of the functionalities we needed for our business were simply not available.

Besides inadequate service and support, it was still very pricey. Fortunately, we got in touch with Aralco and it has been one of the best business decisions we have made.

Fashion Addition 14+

" Our team members enjoy using the Aralco POS. A database and point of sale should be user friendly and the team at Fashion Addition find it easy to work with and to train new employees on.

We have not had any support issues for a while, generally any problems are fixed quickly. Personally, I love Aralco's Reporting Systems - who bought what, when and where. 

For my team, they appreciate the ease of inventory and client lookups. Our POS is easy to use and train on. "


Susan Harvey, Purchasing at Fashion Addition


Dianes Lingerie

When Dianes Lingerie came to Aralco in 1998 they knew they needed an apparel POS software system to accommodate their rapid growth. This small, store had grown by 50% in just a few years—quite a feat in the complex and ever-changing world of retail where trends come and go.

Since opening the store 15 years earlier, Dianes Lingerie had been handwriting their bills — a practice that was impossible to maintain with their remarkable increase in sales. Dianes was also quick to realize that the retail world wouldn't stand still.