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Bullion Gold Exchange

Precious Metal



We decided to use Aralco after speaking with multiple software providers, I found that the Aralco software and team understood what I needed and provided exactly that.


The software has allowed us to process our daily transactions into an intelligent POS system. The back office allows us to get detailed reports on various different variables we use to monitor our business activity and progress.


Any time I have needed technical help or have had any questions I either call or email depending on the severity of the situation and I always get a quick and accurate response.


Due to the nature of our business we do not have too many uses for the new features. The Aralco team and software is extremely well built and very reliable.


The powerful POS system allows me to conduct any transaction I need to complete and track my staff hours but the equally strong back office allows me to condense or expand any information I want to see into easy to read format. The system itself is very intuitive making usage very easy for anyone.


- Mr. Christopher Stevens, Bullion's Gold Exchange




Established since 2010, Bullion's Gold Exchange started with one location in Mississauga, Ontario Canada and has seen a rapid growth to 19 in a matter of 16 months with locations across, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Alberta and British Columbia.


Their primary business is to purchases various grades of gold at locations setup in high traffic malls.