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POS Conditional Promotion/Up-sell Feature

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9th February 2018 - Aralco has released the new POS Conditional Promotion/Up-Sell module with its software version 8.414.880 recently. 

The Conditional Promotion software module was developed with valuable inputs from our retail client base - as a result, it is extremely flexible, functional and extensive in features yet easy to use -  a perfect tool for pushing up sales revenue and margin at every store.

The software module is centrally managed and it supports concurrent conditional promotions triggered automatically at the POS whenever purchase conditions are met - giving store managers the much needed speed and accuracy. This also eliminates all the past mistakes whenever your front-end employees manually apply complex promotions on each transaction at the checkouts.



  • When concurrent promotions are met, the cashier or customer can opt to choose his or her preferred or best promotion to apply to the transaction
  • Other products already on other form of discounts example Member Privilege, On Sales will be excluded automatically by the Aralco POS from Conditional Promotions



Filtering is fully user-definable, simply create a new conditional promotion name in the Back Office Systems and selects the participating stores with a start and end date.

In the filter:

  • Easily include or exclude products, or any product categories example Brands, Seasons, Suppliers, or Departments such as Footwear, Lipsticks, Grocery etc.
  • Set Customer BUYS conditions such as minimum/maximum quantity to purchase, and/or minimum/maximum purchase value
  • Set Customer GETS:

    [ i.e. Buy 10 units Gets ] 
    2 units Free on any lowest retail price products 

    [ i.e. Buy 5 units Gets ] 
    3 units at 50% discount off on any lowest retail price products

    [ i.e. Buy a set of Jacket + Pair of Pants Gets ]
    30% discount off the set purchase regardless of collections or any combination of seasons

    [ i.e. Buy $200.00 minimum Gets ] 
    Any footwear or any Puma apparel at 35% discount ( PWP - Purchase with Purchase )

    [ i.e. Buy $299.00 minimum Gets ] 
    Product X for FREE at 100 % discount ( PWG - Purchase with Gift )



New or edited Conditional Promotions are automatically sync-ed to each Aralco POS with Aralco's superior data network communication server via LAN and the Internet. Retailers can now manage promotion easily at their central office with Aralco Retail Management and POS Systems to better entice and up-sell to their customers with absolute controls and to increase your stores' sales and inventory turnovers rapidly.





Contact IRMCS for more information on POS Conditional Promotion Management Systems for each and every store you have.







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