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E-commerce Unified with Aralco Retail Systems

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12th June 2018 - IRMCS is proud to complete website and E-commerce custom development for DOT group of stores in Singapore.

Powered by WordPress and Woocommerce, https://dotshoponline.com/ is unified with Aralco's centralized inventory, CRM systems, loyalty points program and a third-party logistic (3PL) provider.

Data synchronization between Aralco and the website/E-commerce takes place every 5 minutes to update any new SKUs or changed product information and inventory status (down to colors and sizes of each style). Out of stock SKUs are instantly removed from product page, and added back automatically if stock are replenished in Aralco for any store locations.

Vice versa, web orders and its details are e-sent instantly upon payment by WordPress:

  • to Aralco via API for immediate stock reservation and order picking, etc
  • to the 3PL's server via API for collection and delivery actions
  • with email notifications to store managers and customer



The unification of inventory systems on both retail store and E-commerce channel increases efficiency by routing orders intelligently across fulfillment locations including distribution centers and store locations. It also enables omni-channel fulfillment to support shipping pickup from warehouses, pick up in store, and ship from store scenarios.



Consolidation of inventory from multiple inventory locations provide clear data visibility for staff and it helps elevate the customer experience from on-line to in-store shopping.

Payment gateways available on DOT checkout are PayPal, Wirecard and OneCash including Loyalty Points payment.

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Multi-location Inventory Management

Purchase Management

Conditional Promotions Management

Distribution and Accounts Receivable Management

Customer Relationship Management

Member Card and Gift Card In-Store Printing Solutions

Loyalty Programs and Gift Card

BI Dashboard

Real-time Centralized Store & POS Management

Cash Management with Note/Coin Recyclers

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Systems 

In-counter Scale + Scanner

Weighing Scale + Bar Code Printer

Customer-facing Display Solutions: 2-Line and 10" screens

Traffic Counter

Accounting Custom API Interface

Ecommerce Custom API Interface



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