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Aralco offers secure two-way data synchronization between the server and each Aralco Retail POS Terminals within a virtual private network (VPN). At IRMCS, we offer Managed IT services such as virtual private servers, virtual PCs, data hosting services with maximized IT security protection for your organization:


  • Your data is secured and protected from any attempts at hacking or private data breach – as all internet-facing servers are deployed in locked down mode, with only required services and features installed and enabled, and firewalled to permit only authorized services.
  • Your data which need not be publicly-accessible directly is further protected from public scrutiny – via a separate and private local area network (non-Internet accessible) is employed to permit communications to back-end database, application and storage servers, and runs at 1GBps.
  • Your data transmiited over the Internet via VPN are encrypted to protect your sensitive data against "data sniffer".


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