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Unifying Retail and All Business Channels

Many retailers still treat the in-store experience as completely separate from the online experience which frustrates customers. This prevents retailers from capitalizing on opportunities for cross-selling, upsell and improved customer loyalty. Running business channels with separate software systems results in poor productivity and low accessibility to information.

The ideal solution is one that integrates all business channels into a single system platform with a central database in order to have the infrastructure bridging the online and in-store experience.

With the single platform in place, data such as product and customer information can be maintained efficiently in one database and data synchronization takes place automatically with the in-store POS, online store and distribution point of sale devices. The single platform also gives retailers inventory insight capability and real-time visibility into customer activity across all channels.

At IRMCS, we help retailers bridge the gap between channels with Aralco Retail Systems - an omnichannel business management software solution for a single store, multi-store retail organizations and distribution companies.



Contact IRMCS on how you can unify your retail stores, online store and distribution channel with Aralco Retail Systems.

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Posted Date: Feb 26 2017